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Koen van Zeijl10 months ago

Toggle Philips Hue Depending on Your PC State

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to the Philips Hue Light. It seemed a little pricy for a lightbulb. Nevertheless, it tickled my curiosity enough to give it a shot. I bought the white ambience starter pack — as I really do not like the pure white glow — together with two Hue Play Light bars. So of course, I wanted to automate the controlling of my smart lights as well...

Koen van Zeijl11 months ago

How Writing to Yourself Can Change Your life

So its a new year and you commit to improving your health, career, or relationships, and after a week, you give up. "I just can’t get myself motivated".you say. We often tell ourselves this is true without knowing what the real motivation is, or should be. Motivation is the reason — or reasons — for acting or behaving the way you do.

Koen van Zeijl1 year ago

Change Azure DevOps Variables from Within the Build

In my previous blog 'Post your Instagram feed on your website in 2020' I ran into a problem that I need to refresh my Instagram token every 60 days. A new token can easily be retrieved from the Facebook portal, however it is not efficient to do a new commit every 2 months containing the new access token. For this reason, I looked for a way to refresh the token during the build so that it is valid again for 60 days after each update or build.

Koen van Zeijl1 year ago

Embed Your Instagram Feed in 2020

Social media is one of the most important ways to reach a larger audience for your business. Today Instagram is one of the best-known social media platforms. Instagram is all about visual content. This is one reason that every company should have an Instagram account. Visual content such as images and videos stick much faster than just texts. But how do you get these photos on your website?

Koen van Zeijl1 year ago

A Website with a Custom Domain for Less Than $1 for a year

I think every programmer recognizes this situation. You have just started the programming adventure and suddenly you get the idea for the very best website ever. You get to work and after a few intensive days of programming you realize that it is time to make the website publicly available, but how do you do this?

Koen van Zeijl1 year ago

How to Create a Blog with Vue and Nuxt content

I started writing a blog. The purpose of my blog is to write interesting articles on various ICT topics. There are already enough blogs that do this in English, but I hope I can help people who prefer to read blogs in Dutch.

I was looking for a way to set up a blog site that uses a CMS to easily post new articles. For this I decided to use a JAM stack. JAM stands for Javascript, API and Markup ...